Flash is a vital tool that is used to run audio/visual clips on a website. It is generally used to present products or services in form of audio visual content. Besides improving the appearance of your website, flash engages the website visitors in a better way by providing a more interactive and easily understandable content.

  • You can boost your brand image by integrating convincing video presentation
  • It also helps in other promotional activities.
  • Your visitors get the look and feel of your products
  • It engages user and is highly interactive
  • Effective flash presentations help your visitors to get a fair idea of your business and helps in converting them into customers.

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Flash VS HTML5

HTML5 is one of the latest tools that website designers and developers are busy over. However, Flash has not yet lost its charm. A formal comparison of Flash Vs HTML5 will further highlight how Flash is still winning over the new tool.



  • Out of all popular and prevalent desktop browsers around 99% still support Flash
  • Around 80% prevalent browsers support HTML5
  • More than 80% of web users are engaged with latest Flash 3D functionality
  • Web GL has penetration level of around 50%
  • Flash data usage and its interactive sessions can be reused and re-hosted as a single file
  • HTML5 files need to be loaded and hosted individually. A more careful approach is required to host HTML5 websites
  • Flash has a large user base and equally big contributing community ensuring it is plush with add-ons
  • HTLM5 is quite new in the block and lack both large user base and contributors
  • Mobile browsers are not at all supported by Flash
  • Almost all of the mobile browsers are supported by HTML5.