Android brought with it a world of possibilities. While mobile application programmers can develop applications on secure managed codes in Java Language (and Google-developed java libraries), it makes a list of exciting Google applications available for the users to benefit from.

Android applications are fast reliable and cost effective. It is a freely available platform and required SDK for Windows, Linux and Mac platform are easily available at Android website. All you need is an experienced and profession developer for building an Android app for your business.

Designing & Developing Android Apps

Building applications for mobile phone does not need only developers rather a good conceptualization of the functionalities is also required. It is important to understand the level of complexities you may like to have integrated in your app and how far is it feasible with the existing Android SDK.

Beyond features, you would also need resources to design graphics and compelling animation for the application. Appropriate placement of the buttons, links and user friendly GUI holds a significant value in success of a mobile app.

Android App Marketing

In the competing market of mobile apps, extra focused approach is required to make an app popular and prominent among users. Your android app is built and ready to be installed but having a link on your website may not be the only best approach for making it popular. You need to have specialized professionals to generate online buzz through viral marketing, facebook, press releases etc.

Our Android Developers

We are a team of expert Android and J2ME developers with hands-on experience in developing J2ME games and other Android mobile applications ? running on a wide range of APIs. We are experienced in working with a wide range of mobile OS environments as well as frameworks for developing platform-independent solutions. We provide comprehensive solution for developing, designing and promoting Android Applications.

The Challenge!!

Today there are several versions of Android operating systems available on various devices. Plus not everyone keeps upgrading their devices; hence there lies a huge challenge for developers to ensure that the application is compatible on all scales and version. And as a marketer it is a huge challenge for you to find a developer/company who can develop a cross compatible application for for users keeping the experience rich and hassle free.

Why Gorobo Infotech

Our team strictly follows the qualitative process/steps for building an app, which ensures a highly robust, and experience rich application deliverable. Following are the steps we keep in mind:

Whether you are working on a B2B or B2C model, what matters at the end is your end user experience and number of transaction. Therefore we conduct a huge industry and competition research before we finally lay down your application structure and design. We analyze some of the most coveted apps from the industry, their reason for success and failure. This helps us in outlining the dons and don’ts of the application that in turn helps in outdoing the competition.

The look and feel of your application is the most important thing while developing an application. As your consumers comprehend your brand values dependent on their first hand experience with the interface. This experience is going to decide whether they will convert from a mere visitor to a buyer, from a buyer to a returning buyer, from a returning buyer to a loyalist and from a loyalist to a recommender or Not. Therefore it is very important for us at Gorobo Infotech to ensure that we offer our clients with the best user interface. Hence we engage the best user experience (UX) and user Interface (UI) designers in house who co-works with the digital strategist in creating the best possible interface on the project.

A huge amount of code writing & optimization is required for developing a mobile application which is compatible across versions of operating system and devices. We at Gorobo Infotech facilitate fast and robust mobile application development, debugging and deployment. We will serve as your right outsourcing partner or mobile application agency to develop a secure & robust application offering you an un-paralleled experience at backend. We will also provide you with a user-friendly portal to manage the application and create real time reports.

We have one of the most coveted talent pools of android application developers and programmers. We take in each and every project for its individual merit, regardless of the magnitude of the workforce required. Our adept and dedicated programmers have proven the same in past in design and development of apps we have developed.

Integration of social media in mobile application has changed the way the users interact with the world and companies reach their consumers. Social Media has helped companies in easy subscription through social login, increased usage and reach with social share, and a sense of connectedness as users can see their friends using the same application.

Whether it is Diwali, New Year or Christmas, scaling your application will be an important aspect for your marketing campaign. Yes, it is uber cool to develop a great and flashy application but having a non scalable application will fall flat within a few months because of our over demanding and changing consumers. Hence we at Gorobo Infotech use technologies that balance scalability & richness. So whether it is Java, JS, JSON, AJAX, HTML5, REST, Python, C++, Relational DB etc. we ensure that our application rich, reactive and scalable.

There’s more than one app for just about everything in todays market. Therefore, it becomes really important for us to build an app that can be easily discovered by Google (SEO) and social media (Viral). Right usage of keywords, Clean and comprehensible URLs, Categorization, paid and organic methods of App Promotion will help in facilitating your application discovery in this over crowded market.

Android application for your business can be seen as a separate and independent revenue model. Many a time it is also brought in use as an essential element of broader digital marketing effort. Then, regardless of the nature of its use, it is imperative to track its performance. Whether it is about application downloads, active users, repeat users, transaction or any other metric you would like to set as your goal conversion.

At Gorobo Infotech, we ensure that the application that we have designed and developed for your business support standard analytics and their performance can be tracked for business benefits. This helps you in understanding your direct ROI on this platform exclusively and indirect ROI which aids business through other marketing mediums like in-store, online website etc.

How Gorobo Infotech Design & Develop Apps!!

Being based out of the capital of India, Delhi we have the best talent pool of android developers who have a total experience of more than 15+ years. We have developed applications for both enterprises and start ups.

  • We start by designing wireframes after laying down the objectives. We understand the need to create intuitive, functional and easy to use interface
  • Once the blueprint is ready, our designers then add art, colors & life to the wireframes by placing in visual elements
  • The developers then bring the application to life with their programming language. These applications are responsive and hence adapt themselves to any device size to look perfectly blended
  • The application is then tested for various User Case scenarios to ensure correct output for various input
  • We share the project with the client for beta testing
  • Final round of iterations are done and tested for bugs
  • We finally handover the project to the client or deploy it to Google Play Store and its partners